How to get started, and achieve tasks, using Kubernetes

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Admin Guide

The cluster admin guide is for anyone creating or administering a Kubernetes cluster. It assumes some familiarity with concepts in the User Guide.

Planning a cluster

There are many different examples of how to setup a kubernetes cluster. Many of them are listed in this matrix. We call each of the combinations in this matrix a distro.

Before choosing a particular guide, here are some things to consider:

Setting up a cluster

Pick one of the Getting Started Guides from the matrix and follow it. If none of the Getting Started Guides fits, you may want to pull ideas from several of the guides.

One option for custom networking is OpenVSwitch GRE/VxLAN networking (, which uses OpenVSwitch to set up networking between pods across Kubernetes nodes.

If you are modifying an existing guide which uses Salt, this document explains how Salt is used in the Kubernetes project.

Managing a cluster, including upgrades

Managing a cluster.

Managing nodes

Managing nodes.

Optional Cluster Services

Multi-tenant support